It is not just moving day that is stressful when you are moving somewhere new, the build up and lead up to the move can also be very difficult. Packing up the majority of your belongings while you are waiting for a date can be difficult as you are not sure how much to pack, what you need on a day to day basis and then the stress of living in a packed up house, especially if you have a small family can be very challenging.

Packing Materials

Fortunately, while there is help out there for those who want it. Quick Response Vans in Wallsend, North Tyneside is able to take the moving day worries away with their reliable and effective removals services. They also sell packing materials to make the packing part of your moving journey as easy as possible.

If you are packing here are a few options for the best packing materials to use, is it better to use bubble wrap or packing paper – read more to find out.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is soft and mailable which means it is gentle on all the surfaces it touches in the packing box. It is the recommended packing material when it comes to fragile items including glass, chine and artwork. It can also be used to wrap electronics and high-quality packing paper does not scratch and it perfect for delicate items making it a great first layer when you are packing your belongings.

Paper is mailable and can be wrapped tightly or loosely around the item, depending on what it needs, it can be secure but also let the item breathe while it is in transport. The paper will keep al items free from dust and scratching and it can be layered to create a great protective layer around items. While it is protective it is not bulky and so takes up much less space than other packing supplies. This can also save you space in the box and therefore money as you won’t need so many boxes.

Packing paper is stronger than you think and the high-quality versions are acid free and ink free, this means there will be no smudges (Unlike something like newspapers) on your items when you get to your new home.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is often seen as the go to material when it comes to packing as it can protect your items in a house move with its extra air and bubbles unlike any other type of packing material. These are the reasons why:

The air-filled bubbles act like a cushion so when things move or bump up against other items in transit the air bubble pops instead of it marking the item itself. Because the bubble wrap is so versatile and pliable it will bend and mould to any shape. Bubble wrap is also very light making your boxes lighter but as they have extra air will possibly take up more room than the paper.

Packing for Moving Home

On the whole you should have a combination of both packing paper and bubble wrap to help pack your goods for the move, for us the one that wins over all is the bubble wrap, simply because it is quite fun popping the bubbles when it is all over!