Moving house is expensive and a real upheaval, whether you are moving from Newcastle to Whitley Bay, or from Jesmond to Bristol! The stress can really take its toll and what you really want on moving day is a reliable removals team who will do their job like clockwork, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Quick Response Vans are that team, long standing with great reviews and a professional, affordable approach, here are some reasons why a great removals team like this are worth their weight in gold!

Moving Home North Tyneside

You can move house in a number of different ways, and you don’t necessarily have to use a removals company. Nevertheless many people do choose to turn to the professionals when the time comes, for many reasons. We take a look at some of the great reasons to use a removals company to help with your house move.


As you’ve paid for the service, you can be certain that your removal team will turn up when expected, ready to put in a hard day’s work to get you to your new home. You may have a lot of family and friends who offer to help, but when assistance is being provided for free, it’s difficult to chase when people are late, or even worse, don’t appear as promised.

Relying on loved ones to turn up when you are ready and to work hard to get your move completed on time can cause friction, particularly if you start to feel frustrated with their lack of urgency. Enlist their help in other ways such as looking after pets or children, allowing you to pour all your energies into getting everything ready for the removals team.

Health and safety

It’s easy to get carried away lifting and carrying heavy items, only to pay the price the following day. You may feel that you’re strong but lifting furniture can be a really heavy job, sometimes requiring two people to do it safely. Even then you may end up twisting the wrong way or stumbling, and incur an injury.

The removals teams are trained in how to lift items without hurting themselves, even if they’re dealing with something heavy. If you try and lift something which is simply too much for one person, you could end up with a poorly back. You won’t be able to enjoy your new home if you’re laid up in bed so don’t take the risk!


When you’re moving house, you won’t be able to get enough of boxes and bubble wrap but they can be surprisingly expensive to buy. Depending on what company you go with, if you tie into an agreement, they may well provide you with packing materials for free, as part of the deal.

Advice and support

If you’ve never moved house before, or haven’t done so for a long time, you might be surprised at what’s available. Moving professionals will not just provide practical assistance on the day; they will be a mine of information, helping to provide tips and ideas along the way. They can help suggest the best way to pack as well as what to do about contacting your utility providers.

There are lots of reasons to use a removals company to help your move seem quite straightforward, even if you have lots to organise.

With practical support, help and advice, your removal team will be an essential part of the move, making life far simpler when you need it the most.

Quick Response Vans can help you move and offer a range of services at a competitive price.