Autumn is a great time of year, the new school year starts, the summer is over and the leaves are starting to fall. It’s a great time for new starts and so it is no wonder so many people move to a new house at this time of year.

Timings are important

The days are starting to get darker so when you talk to your removals company about moving home and timings consider that by the time you get the keys to your new place it may be starting to cut in dark. Check with the estate agent that the lights are working in the property you are moving into and take an extra torch and a few lightbulbs just to ensure you can see when you get in!

Expect Rain

When packing up your items for transport expect rain at this time of year. Rain can happen at any time of year but it is more likely that you will face a downpour or shower on moving day than if you moved in the summer. Anything that is likely to be damaged by water needs extra care and coverings to ensure it arrives in pristine condition if it does rain on moving day.

Prepare for cooler days

Moving in Autumn may mean you get a lovely sunny days but they will probably also be crisp and cool. Ensuring that you have enough warm clothes for the few days around moving day is essential and a few extra blankets and knowing exactly where your duvet is to get the bed up and running quickly while you figure out how to use your new heating system is a must!

Declutter over the summer

If you know you are moving in the Autumn then take advantage of the warm summer days and have a declutter. Go through all those boxes in the loft, take a look at all of your clothes and the kifds toys and decide if you really want to keep them. Summer is a great time for car boot sales so you may even make a bit of money too!

After you move

No house move would be complete without the inevitable trip to IKEA to source all those bits and pieces to get you started or that you forgot to put on the list. For some it might mean buying a lot of new furniture for their new home, remember that Quick Response Vans offer delivery services from stores like IKEA, so if you are worried about the furniture fitting in your car, don’t have a car, or don’t want to wait for the Ikea delivery slots the friendly removal team that moved you into your home can also collect and delivery large items so you don’t have to.