Deciding to move home can come with a lot of additional challenges, beyond looking for your new home while living your life you have to reconfigure your current home to be more appealing to any potential buyers.  Turning your home into a showroom can be difficult while trying to maintain your lifestyle, especially if you have a family of children.  It’s a delicate balance to maintain but it can be made considerably easier by simply removing a selection of items from each of your rooms and placing them into a storage unit.

Benefits of Storage while Moving Home

Firstly it frees up considerable space, allowing your home to not seem cluttered but also it gives you space to perhaps touch up all those little knocks and scratches that are natural while living in a home, and makes a new paint job far easier to do while still living your life.

Additionally, it’s an opportunity to attempt to downsize your life before the move, its very easy to accumulate items that no longer matter to you.  By going through your home piece by piece you’ll be surprised to find what items your happy to be without as you sell your home, and after you can decide which will join you in your new home.

Wallsend Storage Facilities

Preparation is vital! Your going to need to know what you want storing and have the packing materials to safely store it all within your unit, fortunately we can help you with the packing supplies through our website and make sure everything’s looked after.

Next you may want to prepare some of your items beforehand, for example if you have some furniture items you would like to store it’s a good idea to dismantle them before storage.  This has the benefits of not only saving space so you can store more items but there’s less chance of damage if they are already separated pieces. If you’ve got particularly fragile items such as glassware, or china remember to acquire plenty of wrapping paper or bubble wrap.  Wherever you can wrap items individually, so they don’t hit each other in transit.

Moving & Storage Company North Tyneside

Keeping an inventory of what you have stored is a good idea also, its easy to forget where you’ve put some of those smaller items and having a storage inventory will save you a lot of time searching your own home for something that’s not there anymore.  Creating corresponding labels for your storage boxes will make returning your items after the move far easier to co-ordinate.

Here at Quick Response Vans we offer year-round storage around Newcastle and the north east.  With a fully insured service with security in place and with our professional and friendly staff here to advice and help you we endeavour to fulfil your storage needs and make moving home as easy as possible.

Any questions or queries about removals or storage please visit our website for more details.