If you have ever moved to a new house before, you will know that there’s a huge amount of sorting to be done when you get into the new house.  Those first few days you will be surrounded by boxes and bags and it can seem a massive task.  The last thing you want is to have a load of stuff in those boxes that you don’t need.  That’s just one of the reasons to declutter before you move.

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Over time we accumulate stuff and if this is useful or in use, then that’s great.  But we all have stuff that isn’t useful – anything from toys the kids no longer play with to that waffle iron we never really mastered.  Before you pack a single thing, the best step is to declutter.  And here’s why.

It cuts down the cost of moving

If you declutter before you get a quote for your removals, you can save money.  Removal quotes are based on how much you have in your home and the less this is, the less it will cost.  If you then pay to have these things moved to the new house and throw them out afterwards, they have cost you even more money.  So, the best step is to declutter before you even get a removals quote.

You can pack better

When you take out stuff you don’t want in the new house, packing what you do want becomes easier.  That’s because everything will have a destination and there’s no pile of things that you don’t know where they will go.  You can pack boxes by room and label them easily so the removals team can put them in the right place.

It helps ease stress

There’s something oddly therapeutic about sorting out stuff you no longer need and passing it on to someone who can use it.  Facebook groups to recycle or pass on stuff for free are an excellent way to get rid of what you don’t want and help someone else out.  Moving is stressful but the sense of a fresh start you get from decluttering can help with that stress.

You have more space for new things

A great motivation to declutter can be to promise yourself a few new things once you have moved.  That’s because you will have space in the new home for new things that you wanted but didn’t buy because there wasn’t enough room!  Or perhaps in the new home, you will have different rooms that you can enjoy some new furniture or accessories to go in.

Decluttering before packing

It is definitely worth decluttering before you start to pack and ideal to do before you get a removal quote as it can save you money.  Plus, there’s the feeling of arriving at your new home with the right furniture and other things rather than carrying a load of things you never use or no longer like.  And you may even find the odd hidden treasure that you had forgotten was hiding away that is perfect for your new home.