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Fantastic Reasons to hire Quick Response Vans

man with a van north shields reasons to hire quick response vans blog thumbnail

Quick Response Vans have been moving people across the North East and the wider UK for years are well respected and always recommended – here are our top reasons to hire them:

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Storage Tips: What you can and can't put in storage

Storage Newcastle can and cant do blog article thumbnail

Renting a storage unit has become popular in recent years. It’s an easy and affordable way to get stuff out of the home or office and place it out of the way in a secure environment.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to do take advantage of it. You might be moving to a new home but something has delayed the deal so you need somewhere to store your property.

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10 Problems that Can be Fixed by Hiring a Man with a Van

North Shields Man with a Van Blog Thumbnail

A good man with a van service can be incredibly helpful in a range of circumstances. Quick Response Vans in Wallsend are a reliable small firm that work hard to ensure you get what you need from their services at the best possible price. Useful, helpful and reliable is what a man with a van should be and It offers just what it sounds like – the hire of a van with a man to load and drive it. It means that you don’t have to worry about driving the hire van yourself, making sure your license is okay and getting insurance. It is also ideal if you have never driven a van before.

Here ae 10 problems that can be fixed by using a man with a van:

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Top Tips When Moving Your Piano

Newcastle Piano Removals Blog Thumbnail

If you own a piano of any kind, it is likely one of your most treasured possessions. It is however one of the more difficult items to move, either from room to room or to another place if you are selling it or gifting it to a family member. You can either move it yourself or make sure you find a removals company like quick response vans who can handle the task.

Hiring a team like Quick Response Vans to move your piano is always the best option as a piano is a bulky, heavy, difficult item to move, but it is also precious and can be damaged so taking care is essential.

Here are a few tips needed when deciding to move a piano.

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Top Questions to Ask Your Removals Team When Moving Home

Man with a Van Wallsend questions to ask your removal firm thumbnail

Quick Response Vans have been helping business and families in North Tyneside and Newcastle move from place to place for years so there is nothing they don’t know about moving!

Moving home can be a tricky process and it is always best to be upfront with your removals team and ask any questions from the outset so you both know where you stand. While there is an industry standard, not all companies work in the same way and there is a reason why you will typically get different quotes from different teams. To ensure you are getting the best team for your needs, make a list of questions to ask.

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How Soon Should You Pack Before You Move?

Newcastle Removals Packing before moving blog thumbnail

One of the most stressful events in anyone’s life is moving house. There is a great deal that can go wrong, and often does, and because of this it is best to be prepared. Packing up the house is a task we would all love to put off for as long as possible, but eventually it has to be done.

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Newcastle Students - Moving from Your Student Digs to Your First Flat?

Students Moving In Newcastle Blog Article Thumbnail image of students moving

For most students, the first year at university is spent in student accommodation, usually halls of residence where you can adapt to being on your own, without the family around. But by the second year, it may be time for a change and this means moving into your first flat. Or it may come later, when you have finished sharing student digs and want to have a place of your own. So here are some tips to make the process go smoothly.

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Moving Home? Giving Furniture Away to your Family? Did You Know Removal Men Can Help?

Furniture Removers Newcastle Blog Thumbnail picture of furniture to be moved

Many of us will have been in this situation – you have some furniture you no longer need and a member of your family or a friend could really use. But neither of you have a vehicle big enough to put it in to get it from one house to another. Rather than abandon the idea, why not get in touch with your local removal men to see if they can help?

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The Ultimate Moving House Playlist

man with a van Newcastle moving house playlist blog thumbnail

While chaos may reign around you as you plan your move to a new property, one certain way to remain focused is to have the right music on hand. As a reliable and affordable removals team in North Tyneside we have moved people across the North East and beyond and while we have our own favourites here we list our ultimate moving house songs that should get you in the mood and make everything a breeze.

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Signs your business has outgrown its current office

man with a van Newcastle moving office blog Thumbnail

While you are coping with the hustle and bustle of running an office, there’s a temptation to try and make do with what you have, including space. That could mean squeezing in more desks, constantly trying to reorganise for better productivity or even converting storage areas into something different. There comes a point as you grow, however, that you have to consider moving to new premises. As a moving company in North Tyneside we have helped many companies move to bigger premises as they outgrow the ones they are in – we can help you too!

Here are 4 signs that you may well have reached that point right now:

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Moving Home This Summer? Here Are Some Great Tips

man with a van north shields Moving this summer blog thumbnail

Summer might seem the worst time to move home but it’s actually one of the best. The kids are off school and the weather’s fairly warm, for a start. There are, of course, a few extra challenges during this time of the year. For a start this is the peak period for many moving firms and there’s always the chance you’re going to get stuck in holiday traffic if you choose the wrong moment to pack up and go.

Here are just some tips to make sure things go as smoothly as possible or your summer move:

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Top Tips for Settling into Your New Home

man with a van north shields new home blog thumbnail

There’s probably nothing more exciting or stressful as moving into a new home. After all the effort of packing up your belongings and getting everything transported safely, the next step is to settle into this brilliant new place and hopefully get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Here are a few top tips for doing just that:

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Top Reasons Why People Use Storage When Moving Home

Storage Newcastle Blog Thumbnail

It may seem that when it comes to moving home, the process is a straightforward one – belonging out of the old property and into a new one. But there are quite a few situations where this doesn’t happen and even some situations where you need to move some belongings before the new house is ready. These are the situations where storage services offered by your removal company can be very helpful.

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Renting Your Home? Here are Moving Tips for Renters

man with a van north shields blog thumbnail

Whether you are moving into your first rented home or moving from one to another, the preparation for the move is always a bit stressful. There are so many things to remember and to organise so here’s a handy guide to the process to help you cover all the important stuff.

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Charity Giving Before You Move Home

Man with a van North Shields Before you move home thumbnail

As anyone who has ever moved home knows, this moment in your life is also a wonderful time to declutter and get rid of those things you no longer need. The one question that does arise, however, is what you do with all those throwaways and who best to give them to. The good news is that there are plenty of charity shops on most high streets and they’ll be grateful for your contributions.

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Jobs You Didn’t Think Removers Did

Man with a van North Shields June 2017 Blog Thumbnail 1

You might think that removal firms simply collect your stuff and shift it from A to B when you decide to change homes. Like many other businesses, however, modern companies are always trying to diversify their list of services and reach a much broader range of customers.

These are just some of the jobs removal companies do that you may not have thought of.

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Mirrors & Other Breakables: Why it’s best to hire a removals company when moving home

Wallsend Man with a Van Breakables Thumbnail

Most of us don’t truly realise how much stuff we have until we need to pack it all up and move to a new location. While items such as lounge furniture, beds and wardrobes are hardy and easily transported, other objects we own are delicate and need a good deal of thought and care when we come to packing.

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A Quick Guide to Selling Your Unwanted Items on Ebay Before You Move Home

North Shields Man with a Van Selling Items Blog Thumbnail

If you have recently sold your house you will be about to embark on the process of getting it ready for your move. It is highly likely that, whilst you are going through the contents of your home, you will come across items that you no longer want, that may not fit into your new house or that you have not seen for so long that you had forgotten that you had them!

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Reasons why it is best to hire a professional moving company

Newcastle Removals Thumbnail  1

You might think that moving is a simple task that you can carry out on your own but juggling your responsibilities while moving home can prove to be a stressful task even for the best multi-taskers. Hiring a professional moving company like Quick Response Newcastle Removals, can relieve you of the headaches of moving and help you focus on other things. Here are more reasons why you should hire a professional moving company:

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Moving Home – Our Top Ten Tips

Removals NewcastleThumbnail

Newcastle Removals

The sales completed, paper work signed and you’ve bought your dream home, now all you need to do is move in. Moving house can be a manic experience, there’s so much to think about and to arrange it can become very overwhelming and spoil the experience of arriving at your new home. To help with the whole process we have used our decades of removals experience to create a list of our top ten tips to help making your move as stress free as possible.

1. Always get a survey

Regardless how big or small the move is going to be and how many items you have, ask your removal company to pay you a quick visit first and carryout a survey of the items. Getting a survey allows your furniture to be itemised and then you can get an accurate quotation for the move in advance. Getting a survey also allows the moving company to scope out best routes and difficult items to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.

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How to Create a Moving Expenses Plan - what to include and what not to!

home removals Newcastle packing list blog thumbnail

There’s no doubt that moving house can be expensive. If you don’t keep track of the spending you can suddenly find yourself rocketing over your budget, the whole thing costing a lot more than you intended.

Here’s our quick guide to keeping everything under control, leaving more in your pocket when everything is unpacked in your new home.

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The Most Common Packing Materials

packing boxes Newcastle march 2017 blog thumbnail

Planning to move your entire home to a new location is a big undertaking. Most people don’t realise how much stuff they have until they get round to packing it all up for transporting. If you want to make sure you get everything from A to B as safely as possible you may like to include the following most common packing materials on your list before you start putting things into boxes.

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Remember That Moving Home Means Changing your Address

house removals north east Change Address Blog Thumbnail

With so much of our modern life undertaken in the digital world nowadays, we often forget about the more traditional things we have to change when it comes to that big move. It’s always a good idea to make a list of who you need to inform before you load up the removal van and head out, especially if you want any mail going straight to your new home.

Here are just a few areas you might need to tick off:

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Moving in & Out of Shiremoor

House Removals North East Shiremoor Blog Thumbnail

We have been doing removals large and small across North Tyneside and the wider North East for many years – often seeing families, move in, out, across and around the area multiple times as their families grow or change.

We often get asked if we know the areas we offer removals services in, and the answer is yes! - we do. In this quick blog, we are going to take a quick look at the great things we see and that our clients tell us are in and around Shiremoor, West Allotment and Backworth.

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Moving to Monkseaton? Read our quick Overview of this area:

man with a van monkseaton blog thumbnail

As a leading removals firm in the North East of England we help people move into and out of Monkseaton on a regular basis and we thought we would share some of our favourite things about this great place.

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Tips for Moving Home in the Winter

Newcastle Removals Moving in Winter Blog Thumbnail

We can’t always properly plan when we need to move home. While many of the challenges remain the same, whatever time of year, there are some factors you need to take into account when you pack and head to a new home in the winter months. You may have set the date but the weather can always intervene.

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What Happens to Your Plants When You Move?

Newcastle Removals Moving Your Plants Blog Thumbnail

A house is not just about four walls, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. All these things hold precious memories of your time spent in one location but so does your garden. This area of peace and tranquillity might have certain plants that you have nurtured from seeds, roses that bring back memories or fruit trees that have always reminded you of balmy summer days.

When you move home, one of the biggest wrenches can be leaving that special garden behind. While you’ll no doubt be working hard to pack various fixtures, furnishings, clothes and other possessions, it’s worthwhile paying some attention to what you take with you from the garden.

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Top Tips for Moving your company offices without stress

Newcastle Business Removals Blog Thumbnail

Is your business growing in 2017 and do you need more space, more staff, more time and less stress? Moving to a new office for any business can be exciting and stressful all in the same breath so hiring a removals company like Quick Response Vans to help you makes real business sense.

Relocating from one office to another can be an incredibly stressful operation for any business, and one fraught with risks. However, there are steps you can take to make your office move stress-free.

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Moving to Whitely Bay? – Here are some great things to know

Whitley Bay Removals Blog Thumbnail

Living at the coast is something many people long for and it is a true reality if you live in Whitley Bay. Living by the seaside means, fresh air, long walks along our incredible North East coastline and glimpses of St Mary’s Lighthouse and the Spanish City Dome. As a long-established removals company in the North East we have helped lots of people move into Whitely Bay – we are referred often and are the first call when someone is looking for a man with a van in Whitley Bay or Whitely Bay Removals Company. We help you move into your new home with minimum fuss just the way you want it.

As we have lived in North Tyneside and know Whitley Bay and surrounding areas very well – here are some great things to know about moving into Whitley Bay:

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What is a Life Laundry? And why moving is a great time to do it!

Newcastle Removals House Clearance Thumbnail

You might have a lot of things on your mind when you’re moving house. There are possessions to pack, removal firms to organise, mail to sort out and a whole host of other things to do. What you might like to consider, though, is trying a life laundry.

What is a Life Laundry?

Over the years, we collect a host of possessions that clutter up the home. A life laundry is a way of reappraising what you have and whether you want to take it with you when you move. If you find yourself overwhelmed by boxes of junk and don’t know what to do with it all, the time has probably come to take a deep, deep breath and clear out all that clutter.

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Moving to North Shields? – Here are some great things to know

Moving to North Shields Thumbnail

As a removals firm in North Tyneside we have moved hundreds of families in and out of the area. We are often the first call when you need a man with a van in North Shields and so we spend a lot of time in the area. If you are moving to North Shields we have some great tips on what to see, where to go and good to know –

Here are some great things to know about North Shields:

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Top Things to Remember When Moving Home

Moving Home Things to Remember Thumbnail

By the time you have exchanged contracts or agreed rental terms and are ready to move home, you might be forgiven for thinking that everything else is a breeze. In the rush to pack up the old home, you might just forget a few important things about moving into the new one.

As a professional North Tyneside removals team we have seen almost everything that can happen on moving day so here’s a quick checklist just to make sure you aren’t caught by surprise:

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Moving and Handling Techniques for Large Furniture and Household Appliances

Newcastle Removals Moving Heavy Furniture Blog Thumbnail

As a removals van company in Wallsend we work across North Tyneside and Newcastle moving all sort of objects of different shapes and sizes and we ensure we do it properly. Unless they work in the removals business or somewhere like health care where training is regularly given, most people don’t know how to lift heavy objects properly. The number of bad backs and chronic spine problems that have been caused by a poor lifting technique are too many to mention.

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Should you Get New Locks, and Other Considerations, When Moving Home?

Newcastle Removals Changing Locks Blog Thumbnail

Moving home can be a stressful and time consuming process. Most people don’t actually realise how much stuff they have and the work it takes to pack up and set up elsewhere. When you’ve exchanged contracts and got your mortgage in order, your work may actually just be beginning.

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Moving you Garden Furniture to a New Home

Newcastle Removals Garden Furniture Moving Thumbnail

When people are preparing to move home, one of the main things they often forget is the garden. From furniture and ornaments to pots and tools, there’s generally more to do than you think. Here’s our quick guide on how to pack and move your garden wares safely and securely:

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Buying a House and Moving to Scotland: What You Need to Know

Newcastle Removals Moving to Scotland Thumbnail

Although it is part of the United Kingdom, Scotland has a different legal system to England and Wales. This means that the procedures that apply to buying a property in Scotland also differ from those that a resident of England and Wales will be familiar with. If you are considering buying a house and moving to Scotland we set out below a summary of the process that you are likely to undergo.

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Going to Uni? What & How to Pack

Man with a van Newcastle Moving to University Blog Thumbnail

We’re not too far away from the start of university term. If you have been offered a place, then you’ll no doubt be thinking about all those exciting new opportunities that are just around the corner. One thing you will need to decide, however, is what you are going to pack and how you are going to get everything to your new home on campus.

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Moving into Wallsend? Here are some great things to know!

House Removals Wallsend Blog Thumbnail

We are a local removals and delivery firm based in Wallsend and we can help you move anything from one item to your entire home contents all across Tyneside. We have helped people move homes, businesses, and single items for many years, we have great affordable pricing, excellent serviced and a long standing reputable reputation.

We have moved hundreds of people in and out of North Tyneside and Wallsend itself so we thought we would make a quick list of things to know, see and do if you are moving in!

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Moving Your Valuable Items

Newcastle Moving Company Blog Thumbnail

Whether it’s a piece of art, statue, vase, painting, or something that has high sentimental value to you, we all have certain goods to move that are valuable to us in some way. Most of us own large and expensive electrical goods such as computers, TVs and kitchen goods and some of us may own valuable jewellery, antiques, and even items that need extra care and thought throughout the moving process. The last thing you want to find is your treasured item damaged or broken once you get to your new home or office.

And let’s not forget other items of value, your paper work. Every household has very important documents and paperwork, and these are often overlooked when packing up for a move. These documents can be birth certificates, financial information, banking details, insurance files, cheque books and credit & debit card statements etc. You may not use them day to day, but you most certainly do not want to lose them.

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Top Tips for Packing when Moving Home

Newcastle Removals Blog Thumbnail

Moving home or office can be very stressful, valuable items need to be packed away correctly and in an organized manner to ensure you move is stress free as possible. We’ve moved thousands of families and businesses across the north east and UK over the years and we come up with a set of top tips to help you get all your valuables packed away safely and correctly to make the moving process as stress free as possible.

Finding the time to prepare your home for sale in between work and possibly looking after children can be difficult and stressful. It is very common for organizing and packing to be left until the very last minute.

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Moving Out of Your Parents’ House for the First Time?

House Removals North Shields Student Moving Blog Thumbnail

Tips on how to prepare and what to pack

It’s an important moment when you decide to move out of your parents’ house and get a place of your own. Whether that’s renting or buying a flat or house, one thing you shouldn’t forget is to plan the move and what you are going to pack and how you are going to get everything to your new home.

Whether you are moving from the coast (places such as Whitley Bay or Monkseaton) into the centre of Newcastle or from towns such as Gosforth or Wallsend into more rural Northumberland or County Durham we can help you move!

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How to Pack Large Furniture Items for Moving

House Removals North Shields Blog Thumbnail

While small items such as ornaments can be placed in bubble wrap and put in a box, larger items such as furniture can be more difficult to protect when you are planning a move. Sofas, tables and cabinets can all be damaged in the moving process if they are not properly handled. As a recommended removals company in North Tyneside we have moved hundreds of items across the North and we know a thing or two about pacing items!

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Things you'll miss when you move away from the North East

House Removals Newcastle Moving Away Thumbnail

As a top removals company in Newcastle we help people move in, out and around the area. When people move home and away from the North East there are always some common things that they say they will miss and we have to agree with them on most points.

Here is a quick rundown of some of top things people miss when they move out of Newcastle and the North East area:

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Final Year at Uni? Time to sort out what to take home

Moving Company Newcastle Student Moving Thumbnail

If you are approaching the end of your Newcastle or Northumbria University course and thinking about heading home? Then it’s probably about time to sort out all the things you want to take with you. It’s amazing the stuff we accumulate over three or four years, from books and homeware to clothes and those little mementos of one of the most important and enjoyable periods of your life.

As a top student removals company in Newcastle we have helped hundreds of Student move in and out, so here are our top tips for getting the clear out right with the least amount of fuss:

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What is a House Clearance Service?

home removals Newcastle House Clearance Newcastle Blog Thumbnail

We are often asked what is a house clearance service? So here is a quick blog about what it is and how we can help our North East customers with house clearances.

House clearance can cover a whole range of services, including complete removal of the fixtures and fittings in a property to decluttering and creating more space to work with. Alternatively, you may just want a few select items removed and either recycled, sold on or taken to the local tip.

There could be a mess that you want sorting out by professionals who know what they are doing. Perhaps you are a landlord and your last tenants have left a large amount of rubbish behind and you want it clearing. Maybe you’re acting as executor for a bereaved relative and need to sort out their home.

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Moving to Newcastle? Check out our top things to do!

House Removals Newcastle - Moving to Newcastle Blog Thumbnail

As a removals company in the Newcastle area we often get asked by clients who are new to the area what are some of the best places to go, see, shop, eat and drink so we thought we would put together a quick list of top things to do in Newcastle after you have moved in!

Visit Ikea

OK – so we know this one is not unique to the North East, however we also know that it is one of the first places to go when you have moved into your new Newcastle pad! The massive Ikea complex just over the water in Gateshead, next to the Metro Centre, has everything you need for a quick update to your home in one space. Whether it is just a few lampshades, new bedding, a complete furniture range or a new kitchen Ikea does have it all. Other places within city centre that have a great range are Argos and Wilko’s.

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What Items to Move to Your Holiday Home

Moving Company Newcastle Holiday Home Blog Thumbnail

If you are lucky enough to have a holiday home, you will want to avoid having to pack your car with numerous belongings every time you make a visit. Many of us who live in and around Newcastle have a holiday home or caravan in Northumberland or Cumbria so we can escape for some fresh air and beautiful scenery before returning to the city. If you have a holiday home or caravan and need to move some of your belongings there, then contact us today for a competitive removals quote.

Everyone like to have some of their own items in situ so here is a list some of the most popular and useful items to take.

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Top Items We Move From Home to Home & Never Unpack

Home Removals Newcastle Moving Items Blog Thumbnail

When we move home we transport all our worldly goods but do we actually need to take all of them with us rather than throw some of them away? Some homeowners find that they make one or more moves of house and simply move certain of their belongings from the loft, garage or shed without ever unpacking them. As a Removals Company based in Newcastle we are definitely guilty of having a box if Newcastle United memorabilia that we have done nothing with but can’t bear to part with!

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Tips for moving when your downsizing your home

Newcastle Man with a Van Downsizing Tips Blog Thumbnail

There are a great many reasons for downsizing your home, often it is because your family is now grown up and you want to move into smaller premises for retirement, or perhaps you have split with the person you have been living with and now need to find a smaller place of your own or you simply know you don’t need the space of big house and want to reduce mortgage payments and bills. So many different reasons, but the challenges you face when packing and moving to a smaller home are always the same.

Here are some of our top tips on moving to a smaller home:

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How to declutter before moving house

Man with a van Newcastle Packing Blog Thumbnail

Moving home is exciting, but one reason so many of us put it off is the fear of decluttering - decades of chucking stuff into the loft or filling up the shed and garage makes us dread the idea of having to dispose of it all before we move. Don’t worry! Our simple guide helps you declutter without despair.

Start decluttering early

If you’ve decided to move home, start decluttering today. Set aside a short amount of time every single day to remove your clutter using the following method.

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Moving from an Urban to Rural Setting and Vice Versa

Removals Newcastle Moving to the Country Blog Thumbnail

Most major cities throughout the UK still offer an urban or rural lifestyle. Think of a city like Newcastle for example with everything you could want from a major city with the beautiful Northumberland countryside just a small journey away.

So the question for many people wanting to move home is whether to buy rural or urban? In this article we explore the benefits of both lifestyles and also the differences in organising a house move.

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How to Prepare Your Vehicles and Caravans for Storage

Storage Newcastle Caravan Storage Blog Thumbnail

Many people are opting to store their vehicles (cars, trucks, motorbikes, etc.) and caravans in dedicated storage facilities to preserve these assets at their very best for the long-term.

Some preparation is advisable before placing these assets into storage though and we investigate the reasons why storage is a great idea and also how to prepare your vehicle or caravan for the period of storage.

If you are looking for storage or removals in & around Newcastle call us for a competitive quote today 0191 2596856 or read on for more of our expert removals and storage advice.

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How to Prepare Your Piano for Moving

Piano Removals Newcastle Prepping the Piano Blog Thumbnail

Pianos are amongst the most delicate and valuable off household items forming part of the move. Successful moving requires thought and planning; in this article we explore how to prepare your piano for moving.

Before the Move

Plan, plan, plan – pianos don’t just move themselves. The move needs to be planned, due to the complexity, awkwardness and value of a piano.

Always know the route the piano will take. Pianos are heavy and awkward; be clear so you can communicate to the removals company the obstacles that will be encountered, e.g. stairs, steps, etc. Elevators are ideal, so research to see if one might be available.

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Climate controlled storage - what is it and why you should always have it

Climate Controlled Storage Newcastle Thumbnail

When moving from one home or office to another moving on the same day may not always be possible. On occasions temporary storage may be required; in most cases standard storage can be used, but not always.

For certain types of perishable items climate controlled storage is better, this protects against environmental factors such as cold, dust, heat, humidity or mould. This type of storage can also be used for long-term storage if required too; it really depends on individual circumstances. We discuss climate controlled storage in this article.

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How to make your house move Eco-Friendly

Removals Newcastle Eco Moving Thumbnail

A house move is a life event we all have to undertake in at some point of our life.

Moving house will be stressful at the best of times, never mind if you do not take the steps to ensure you have the best removal possible. Making your house move eco-friendly is a step many are taking to ensure their move goes smooth and that they are playing their part in looking after our planet. This article will look at a few ways in which you can make your house move eco-friendly.

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Tips for moving house with fish tanks and other exotic pets

Man with a van Newcastle moving pets thumbnail

A house move is a life event that can be incredibly stressful and include many complications.

This is only further increased when you add an item such as a fish tank or a cage with pets such as spiders or snakes. Many removal firms can help with pets removal and make this task far less stressful. This article will look at how you can move a fish tank or cage with exotic pets in.

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Using storage to make your move easier

Newcastle Storage Make Moving Easier Blog Thumbnail

When you’re moving home, there’s much to plan and organise, from the completion of the paperwork to the physical packing.

One of the biggest challenges of moving home is getting everything ready to go at the same time as the other party.

This can lead to a lot of hassle and inconvenience and can make the whole process rather more fraught. However if you use storage you could find that moving house becomes much easier and allows you to take thing at your own pace.

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Top tips for packing your technology when moving home or office

Delivery Newcastle Moving Office Blog Thumbnail

Moving home or office takes a lot of work and planning but if you have a lot of technology equipment, you’ll need to take extra care.

Items such as computers, printers, laptops, monitors and stereos could get easily smashed or broken during the move if you don’t make sure they are well protected.

But what’s the best way to pack up your technology? Here are some top tips to make sure your move goes without a hitch.

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Moving to Europe – What you need to know

If you’re planning on moving to the continent, the biggest mistake you can make is by failing to complete your research.

If you want your move to be a success, it’s vital to plan every detail so you don’t miss anything out after you arrive.

Here’s our essential guide to moving to Europe with everything that you will need to know for your big move.

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Great Apps for Moving Home

There are lots to think about when you’re moving home, from the moment you start to think about a possible move right up to the day when you finally pack up your stuff and go.

The good news is that modern technology can provide a big hand with every aspect of moving home, with a variety of apps to provide information and help with the actual move.

Here’s a look at some of the best apps on the market which could be a real benefit when you’re moving home.

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Top Moving House Myths - Busted!

home removals Newcastle moving myths thumbnail.

There’s no getting away from the fact that moving house is a lot of work and it’s essential to be organised if you want to make the job easier.

However, there are a lot of myths about the best way to move house and you could be landing yourself with a lot of extra work if you don’t know which tips to ignore and which to follow.

Here’s our guide to some of the top moving house myths which you should always disregard.

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A student guide to packing for the summer

Removals Newcastle Student Moving Thumbnail

Most students who head off to university travel a fair way from home, so when it’s time to take a break for the summer, there are lots of decisions to make about what to pack up.

If you’re travelling from Newcastle Uni to Newport or Northumbria Uni to Norwich you’re going to need certain things to make sure you survive the summer.

However, if you’re going back to university after the break, you won’t want to drag absolutely everything backwards and forwards. Here’s our students’ guide to packing for the summer.

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How to prepare to items for storage

Storage Newcastle Packing for Storage Thumbnail

Whether you're about to go travelling, moving house or simply don't have the room to keep items which aren't currently in use, storage is an increasingly popular choice for personal possessions.

Storage Newcastle

Cost-effective and convenient, storage offers an economical alternative to selling items that you would rather keep.

But putting items into storage isn't simply a matter of cramming everything you can into the space with no forethought or planning. To get the best from your storage you'll need to think about it in advance.

Here are some top tips on how to prepare items for storage.

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A Helpful Guide when Moving offices

Removals Newcastle Office Removals Thumbnail

Moving offices is far more complicated in many ways than moving home; you're likely to have more complex equipment to accommodate, more furniture to fit in plus you need to keep your business ticking over in the meantime.

Removals Newcastle

There's a lot to think about when so it's vital to be well-prepared and to plan everything in advance. A checklist will help you to make sure you don't forget anything.

Here are a few more hints and tips to help your office move go without a hitch.

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Planning for your pets when moving home

House Removals Newcastle Moving with Pets Thumbnail

House Removals Newcastle

Moving house can be chaotic at the best of times with boxes being moved, doors being opened and closed and a stream of activity.

The best removal companies like Quick Response Vans will make the process as easy as possible but for the furry members of the family, the upheaval can still feel very stressful. If your cat normally goes outside, all the ongoing activity in the house could send them fleeing, leaving you scouring the neighbourhood when it's time to leave.

And for dogs who value stability and security, seeing everything being packed up and moved can make them fearful and nervous.There are some steps you can take to make it less traumatic for your pet; here are a few ideas about what you should consider.

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A checklist for moving overseas

Removals Newcastle Moving Abroad Thumbnail

Removals Newcastle

Whether you’re moving overseas for just a couple of years, or are anticipating a more permanent move, gathering your belongings and making all the arrangements is a gargantuan task.

It’s easy to overlook key contacts or forget about essential provisions because there’s simply so much to consider, decide and take action on.

Here’s a run-through of some of the most common things you will have to organise in advance of your move overseas.


Unless you want to end up with unnecessary fees for cancelling subscriptions without giving sufficient notice, you’ll need to make sure you let organisations know you are ending your membership in advance.

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Why using a locally based courier service is better than a national postal service

Newcastle Courier Delivery Thumbnail

The demand for parcel services has never been higher, with both domestic and business customers sending parcels both locally and around the country. However, there are an increasing number of local courier companies which offer services that are far superior to the national postal scheme in a number of ways.

Quick Response Vans is based in Newcastle and as a local courier company we would like to share some of the great reasons why local courier & delivery companies are so great:

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Moving home and your household appliances

Removals Newcastle Fridge Thumbnail

Wouldn't it be great when moving home, if you could buy a new house and then simply walk into it without having to move your existing furniture and household appliances with you?

Unfortunately, there are very few of us that can afford such luxuries as a new home with new appliances fitted and ready to use. The reality is that when we move, we have to take every last stick of furniture with us.

Our home appliances are actually very important to us, and it would make live very difficult for us if we didn't have them at arm’s reach. This is why we have to take extra care to ensure that our kitchen and household appliances are moved with great care and attention to ensure they are in perfect working order when they arrive at their new destination. Quick response Vans are experts at moving any and all items from your current to your new home, with professionalism and ease.

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How to Pack Art When Moving House

Man with a van Newcastle Packing Valubles Thumbnail

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times particularly if you have valuables that need to be kept safe from damage. Whether it’s a rare Rembrandt, Ming vase or your personal collection of china bears it pays to take that little bit extra time and care if you want them all to arrive safely.

The trick is to make sure you reduce the effect of any sudden impact and that means having plenty of materials around like bubble wrap and sturdy containers that can help cushion any sudden jolt, bang or drop.

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Top reasons People move within their local area!

Removals Newcastle Packing Thumbnail

More often than not when you move home it will be to somewhere in the same town or region, If you live in Newcastle you may move a little further into Northumberland or move to the coast, or if you live in these areas you may want to move to be right in the heart of the city and move back to Jesmond or Gosforth.

Everyone has a reason for moving – upsizing, downsizing, different location, and each of these reasons comes with its own set of priorities when it comes to getting packed ready to move.

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Top Ways a delivery company can make your life easier!

Delivery Newcastle Thumbnail

We live in a fast paced world, we are always on the go and the faster we get things done the more relaxation time we can actually enjoy! Getting people to help is one of the best ways to free up some of your free time and get more done in the time that you have and Quick Response Vans has a few ideas on how we can help you make this happen.
We can meet you at Ikea and deliver your items to your home

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Top Tips for Students when Moving to a Newcastle University

North East Courier Newcastle Thumbnail

Newcastle is one of the best cities in the UK to be a student. Great facilities at Newcastle and Northumbria University matched with a great city centre amenities, nightlife and some of the cheapest accommodation in the UK make Newcastle a favourite in many polls on student life.

It can however be daunting to move to a new city away from everything you have known and start a new Northern Life! Here are a few top tips on packing for your student digs from Quick Response Vans.

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Great Reasons to use a Removals Company

North East Courier Thumbnail

Packing up your entire life and moving it lock, stock and barrel to a new home is a big job, and it’s often not until you start that you realise quite what’s involved. Fortunately Quick response vans are the experienced removals company in the North East and can help and give advice whether you are moving near or far.

You can move house in a number of different ways, and you don’t necessarily have to use a removals company. Nevertheless many people do choose to turn to the professionals when the time comes, for many reasons. We take a look at some of the great reasons to use a removals company to help with your house move.

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House Removals: Tips and Advice

Removals Newcastle Moving With Pets Thumbnail

Moving home is one of the most stressful life events to organise, but once complete, the effort is usually well worth it! As a professional house removals team in Newcastle and the North East we have helped many families move in, around and out of the area so here are a few great tips from the team at Quick response Vans:


Before the day of the big move, it’s important to think about the access that will be needed by the removals firm. If parking is a bit of a problem in your street, you’ll need to plan in advance. Talk to your neighbours and ask them to move their cars if needed so that there’s room for the removal lorry to park right outside your property. Also consider permits; if your existing property requires a parking permit, you’ll need to get this organised ahead of your move.

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Top Tips for House Clearances

Newcastle House Clearance Thumbnail

We provide a comprehensive House Clearance Service in Newcastle, North Tyneside and across the North East. We are able to offer services that include clearing an entire house or just a few items. Clearing the house after bereavement or other loss can be very emotional and we know that deciding how to dispose of personal belongings of a friend or loved one takes time and understanding. Fortunately Quick Response Vans have many years’ experience across the North East of England with house clearances we have a sympathetic approach to supporting your decisions at this difficult time. We are a professional removals company that are experienced in House Clearances across the North and we are registered with the environment agency for the disposal of goods.

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Do you know the value of good storage?

Storage Newcastle Thumbnail

Do you know the value of good storage? Are you looking for a way to make better use of the space in your home? Perhaps you are tired of falling over your kids’ toys? If your home could do with a little organisation or even your business, it is definitely worth investing in storage. We know that across Newcastle and the North one of the most common complaints about our homes is not enough storage space. At Quick Response Vans we offer a range of moving and storage solutions that are perfect for your needs.

Storage comes in many different forms from boxes and drawers to trays, shelves and even furniture with hidden compartments where you can store away your belongings. With so many different types of storage available there is bound to be something suitable for your home or workplace.

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How Using a Courier Service Can Benefit Your Business

Newcastle Courier Service Thumbnail

Running a business can be very stressful, especially when you are trying to do everything by yourself! Sometimes micro-managing every department can be detrimental to your business rather than be a benefit. This is where a good courier service like Quick response Vans can really help.

Building good working relationships with strategic partners that can enhance your customer service, save you time, money and worry will be a major step forward for anyone wanting to make their business grow and succeed. Choosing a good courier service that can skilfully and professionally handle your deliveries will take an enormous amount of weight from your shoulders.

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Great Reasons to use a Man with a Van

Man with a van Newcastle Thumbnail

Many courier firms across the country are being lambasted for their poor customer service and tracking skills. If you are a local Newcastle business and offer delivery as part of your package, sometimes it is hard to know where to turn. Having a local firm who you can trust be responsible for your deliveries across the North East and beyond if required is becoming a business necessity and Quick Response Vans are leaders in their field.

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Top Tips for packing your valuables when moving home

Newcastle Removals Thumbnail 3

Packing is probably the most crucial part of any moving process. It requires technical expertise, a dash of experience and a lot of hard work. There are things that are easier to pack than the others and there are things that can be very valuable to you that you want to safeguard. There are many things that you have to consider when packing your valuables such as the time it would spend travelling, what packing materials should you use to protect them and most importantly how.

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Top tips for moving home over long distances

Newcastle Moving Company Thumbnail

If you are moving home and it’s a fair distance further than just around the corner – to the other end of the country perhaps or even abroad, it’s important to really think about the whole process well in advance. There’s more to consider than just putting everything into a box and sending it on its way – it’s a much more involved job than that. Quick Response Vans are Newcastle removal specialists and can support you moving from the Jarrow to Jesmond or from Whitley Bay to Whitby, contact us and we can quote for any move, anywhere.

At Quick Response Vans we have helped families move across the country and businesses move across the city so here are some top tips for anyone taking their life’s belongings on a long journey to a new home:

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What to look for in a good local courier service in Newcastle

Newcastle Delivery Service Thumbnail

If you’re a thriving North East business who needs to send packages or letters at speed, or you have items at home you sell second hand through online auctions, you need a local Newcastle courier service you can rely on.

There are many courier services now and it can be difficult to know who to choose. Price alone shouldn’t be the guiding factor; are they cheap because they are competitive, or are they cheap because they aren’t professional and could damage or lose your items; it’s just one area to consider.

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Moving House? Make sure you don’t forget anything

Moving Company Newcastle Thumbnail

If you have ever moved house you know how stressful it can be. By employing a professional removal company, you can help reduce the stress of moving day ad keep your worries to a minimum. Quick Response Vans are Newcastle’s premier removal company and can help you if moving home or office anywhere in the UK.

One of the biggest issues with moving, is making sure that you have covered all angles and everything is done correctly and on time. As there’s so much going on when you move, it’s easy to forget things and overlook items, so we detailed some of the things that people sometimes forget when moving, to ensure you moving experience is as painless as possible.

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Newcastle Man with a Van Service

Newcastle Man with a Van Thumbnail

Quick Response Vans are your local Newcastle Man with a Van Service

Are you in Newcastle? – Do you need a Man with a Van? Well look no further Quick Response Vans are a local removal company that can help you no matter how big or small your requirements. As Quick Response vans work in Tyne and Wear and the North East Area put this phone number 01912596856 in your phone today so you can call them when you need a Man with a Van in Newcastle.

Quick Response Vans can provide The 'Man and a Van' service as we are a professional removals company in Tyne & Wear with many vans available in and around Newcastle for every type of man with a van job you could need. We are reliable with competitive rates whether you want to move a single item, deliver a package or move a whole house or office.

Here are some things our customers have used our Newcastle Man with a Van type service for:

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Moving a Piano?

Newcastle Piano Removals Thumbnail

Pianos are special, they often are the heart of a home and have special memories attached to them and that it why when you move home, your piano needs to be protected. You piano is likely to be one of your most valuable and most loved items but negotiating, stairs, doors, and turns can be awkward and the weight of the piano itself makes moving a piano best left to professionals.

Newcastle Removals

Below are some top considerations when moving a piano, which is why we recommend using Quick response Vans as a professional moving company to move your piano. Quick Response Vans operate in Newcastle and the North East so whether you are moving from Gosforth to Gateshead or from Whitley Bay to much further away they can help.

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