If you have ever moved house you know how stressful it can be. By employing a professional removal company, you can help reduce the stress of moving day ad keep your worries to a minimum. Quick Response Vans are Newcastle’s premier removal company and can help you if moving home or office anywhere in the UK.

One of the biggest issues with moving, is making sure that you have covered all angles and everything is done correctly and on time. As there’s so much going on when you move, it’s easy to forget things and overlook items, so we detailed some of the things that people sometimes forget when moving, to ensure you moving experience is as painless as possible.

  • Food – Before you big move, begin clearing out unwanted food items and start to run down your frozen items (a house move is a good opportunity to defrost and clean your fridge and freezer). You can donate unwanted food items that are still in date to local food banks in your supermarket
  • Children and Pets – Plan your pet and childcare arrangements. Moving house with a cat or a dog or small children can be stressful and upsetting for them, arrange day-care or drop pets at cattery’s and kennels for a few days until you are move in to your new home.
  • Utilities and Bills – You’ll need to start thinking about your utilities and bills. You may choose to simply transfer them over to your new house by updating your address details with your suppliers. If you think you can save some money, or need a new supplier because of your new location, this is a great time to look at getting a new supplier. Think about water, gas, electric, phone, TV, and internet services.
  • Who needs to know – Make a list of all companies, people and organisations that have you will need to notify your change of address, think about your bank, employer, family members etc..
  • Regular Deliveries – If you have milk or the newspapers delivered you will need to cancel these, most deliveries can be stopped at any time but it’s always best to call in advance and let them know in case you need to give notice.
  • Important Valuables – Start by gathering together all of your important documents and items you might want or need close to hand during or just after the move. Watches, jewellery, coins and stamps for example are not covered by Removers General Insurance, so unless you plan on paying for specialist moving insurance, keep these with you during the move. Passports, house sale documents, keys and valuables should all be put in a case and put it to one side with other essential items.
  • First night Essentials – When you get to your new home and are surrounded by boxes the last thing you want to do is root around for your bed linen or the TV controls! The moving team can put your TV in place and the beds as well so it’s a great idea to gather together bed linen and TV bits so you can make beds if you want sit down and watch TV. Some people may also want to keep an eye on where the bottle opener and corkscrew is too!
  • Gas and Electric Meters – On the move day, do not forget to record your meeting readings as you do not want to be charged for anything you do not use once you have left the house. Leave a copy of the meter readings with your estate agent as well as the new owners will need them.
  • Final Checks – Once everything is loaded onto the vans, do a final walk around with the removal team to make sure you, and they are happy that everything has been loaded and nothing has been missed. Make sure your removal team have your mobile number and vice versa in case anything happens on the road.

If you’re moving home or need a removal or delivery service in Newcastle or north east area, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.