When you are moving to a new home, there are a lot of little jobs to do.  Sorting out legal documents, bank accounts and insurance are some of the ones that top the list.  But the entertainment stuff is also important and top of that list is your TV and broadband.  Here are some tips to help you make the process as easy as possible.

Moving your TV subscription

The first thing to move when you are moving home is your TV license – remember you can get a fine if you don’t have one.  This is easy to do and can be done up to three months before you move and all you need is your TV license or customer number, last name and your old address postcode.  You can then do this over the TV Licensing website.

If you have a Freeview or similar system, then it is relatively simple to take your equipment with you and start receiving free channels at your new address just the same as before.  If you have any paid services, then you will need to notify the company who offers these services that you are moving so they can continue to bill you at the new address.

Moving your Sky subscription

If your subscription to any of the Sky TV packages, then you need to notify them that you are moving address.  If you have Sky Q, then you can do most of this via the website or you can call the company.  Sky need at least two weeks’ notice to transfer your account to the new address, but you can go as early as 90 days before.

If you need a Sky engineer to visit the property, there may be a charge which is currently £35 with an additional £15 if you need the service on a weekend.  This is for a standard set up which includes installing a dish and boxes and running cables around the house.  It could cost more if you need special installation requirements.

Moving your broadband

The majority of the time, the new property will have the required connection to the national network for you to easily get broadband in your new property.  If it is a new build property, you may need to talk to the builders about getting this line added along with other utilities when the property is being finished.

If you are staying with the same company and just moving your address, this is usually done through their website or by ringing them.  If you want to shop around and change provider, then you can do this in advance of moving.  As soon as you know the date of the move, start looking at providers and put the process in place for the switch.

A simple process

Most of the time, switching your TV and broadband when you move is a simple process, especially if you are staying with the same provider.  Leave some time before the move to get everything done and you should enjoy uninterrupted access and coverage in the new house.