Putting your house on the market is a big move and the start of a very stressful period.  It can be easy to overlook preparing your house for going on the market in the rush of everything else that is to be done.  But the little touches can make a big difference – so is your home ‘For Sale’ ready?

Preparing to move

As you prepare to put your house on the market, you are also preparing to move and that means getting ready to pack.  Before you pack anything, it is a good idea to have a declutter and see if there are items you don’t want to take with you – and clear them out before you even put the house on the market.

From old books no-one reads to kid’s toys that they have outgrown, out of date magazines and unused furniture, there are always things around the house that are no longer in use.  Consider selling, donating or recycling stuff that is no longer used to clear space.

Store stuff you want to keep

If the house seems a little full, you can always think about storing some furniture or items that you don’t frequently use.  Many removal companies also offer storage options where you can store furniture and other items.  When it comes to the time to move, they will collect all the stuff from storage and then come to the house for the rest of your content.

You can even start to pack non-essentials and put them in storage too.  Think about seasonal stuff or things that are rarely ever used – can you box them up, store them and create more space in the house?

Preparing for viewers

Once you have decluttered and made sure any non-essentials are out of the way, you can start preparing the house for viewers.  Remember you have to live in it so don’t expect it to be show home perfect all of the time – but have a system to get it ready for viewers quickly once the first session of preparation is done.

Look at the house from a viewer’s perspective – does the outside of the house need some cleaning around the window frames?  Would the front fence look better with a coat of paint?  Does the guttering need a little straightening?  Making these small changes can make a much better first impression when people arrive at the house.

You should also do something similar inside.  Look to see if walls need a quick coat of paint to freshen them up or if the light fixtures need a clean in those awkward spots you only do a couple of times a year.

On the day of the viewing

Create a routine for when you are getting a viewing so that you know what you need to do to be ready.  A quick dust and vacuum are always good and while you don’t need to bake bread or have fresh flowers, think about ways to make the house warm and welcoming.  Then you are ready for your viewing and hopefully, a quick sale!