Moving to a new house is a big thing – there’s a lot of planning involved, preparation and whole ton of stress.  One common question removals companies get is whether there is a best time to move house?  Does the time of year have a big impact on how easily the move is?

The winter move

For some people, winter might seem like a bad time to move house but there are things to consider both good and bad.  On the bad side, there’s the weather – it is at its most unpredictable at this time of year and there could be snow or ice to handle.  But with the right preparation, most of the weather conditions can be managed.

A pre-Christmas move can be stressful but there’s the added bonus of spending the holiday period in your new home – one of the first things you put up is your Christmas tree!  Also, January is a popular time to move for the New Year, New Start idea.

The spring move

Estate agents tell us that spring is the most popular time of the year for people to start the process of looking for a new house.  The weather is improving, it is getting warmer and brighter and the days are longer.  This makes it a great time of year to move.

Remember with spring that it can still be changeable with the weather so those wet weather precautions when moving are still a good idea to have around.  If you move in spring, you can be settled in for summer and to enjoy the rest of the year.

The summer move

Like winter, there are pros and cons to the summer move.  The kids holidays from school can seem like a perfect time to move house but then you have to consider having them underfoot during the preparation for the move.  That’s why some people try to time it, so the move happens at the very beginning of the holidays and all the preparation is done while the kids are still in term time.

Summers are generally warm and sunny, sometimes quite hot.  This can be a good time to move but you also need to plan for the warmer weather, especially for any pets involved in the move.  And because it is a popular time, there may be more competition for removal company services, so you definitely want to book ahead.

The autumn move

Autumn moves are similar to spring moves – the weather is generally okay but still a little changeable.  That can be mean being ready for anything from a really warm day to a frosty morning or heavy rain and winds!

While there are school holidays during the season, most of the time is term time so this can be great for a move.  And it means you can be settled in long before Christmas comes around with all its time commitments and events.

Any time is a good time

The truth is that any time of year is a good time of year to move house.  You are starting an exciting new chapter and when everything is right, go for it.  Don’t let the season or the weather put you off.