Most people when they move to a new house they don’t move far away. If you are moving from one side of the country to the other it can be daunting so it is even more important that you trust the removal company, you choose to move all your items.

If you are moving home and it’s a fair distance further than just around the corner – to the other end of the country perhaps or even abroad, it’s important to really think about the whole process well in advance. There’s more to consider than just putting everything into a box and sending it on its way – it’s a much more involved job than that. Quick Response Vans are Newcastle removal specialists and can support you moving from the Jarrow to Jesmond or from Whitley Bay to Whitby, contact us and we can quote for any move, anywhere.

At Quick Response Vans we have helped families move across the country and businesses move across the city so here are some top tips for anyone taking their life’s belongings on a long journey to a new home:

Clear, Sort, Sell and Give Away

Everyone collects ‘stuff’ – even over a relatively short period of your life and moving clutter takes time to pack and can cost you extra to transport. As soon as you know you are going to be moving, start to purge. Give clothing you never wear to charity, go through all your paperwork and throw away anything which is no longer relevant and take any items which have languished in cupboards collecting dust to the next car boot sale. Perhaps it’s time to review your collection of Newcastle United Memorabilia – or maybe not!! If your children have outgrown toys, sell them or give to a friend. It’s fine to keep a couple of items of real sentimental value, but for the whole, they are extra things you don’t need and will take up valuable space in the removals van. Be prepared for serious negotiation with the child once they realise this is happening!

Be Careful when Packing

The further you are moving from the North East, the more bumps in the road your possessions are going to travel over. It is worth considering the packing service if your budget allows. If you are packing yourself ensure those things you hold most dear (like those aforementioned Newcastle United trinkets) are packed well so you get peace of mind on moving day.

Drive Your Own Car

As much as is feasible, drive your car to your own home – even if this means setting off on a different route from the removals van and making arrangements to meet at your destination. This is particularly relevant if moving abroad as if you look to transport your vehicle it can be a very expensive choice and you’ll probably need to book a long time ahead. Obviously, this isn’t viable for starting a new life in some parts of the world, but if it’s a move within Europe, carefully weigh up the costs of taking the car yourself rather than sending it on a transporter as you’ll find it’s probably much cheaper.

Pets need extra attention

Dogs, cats and other domestic pets are not going to understand what is happening and could show signs of stress in the lead-up to the move due to all the unusual activity. Spend lots of time reassuring them as you bang and crash around with packing cases. Check out pet transporters if you are moving overseas as they can offer professionally kitted out vehicles which mean they can be moved easily and in safety. If you’re leaving the UK, ensure you have all the correct pet documentation in place well in advance of them arriving at either the airport or ferry, you don’t want the heart-rending situation of them not being able to travel or being placed in quarantine due to lack of passports of the correct vaccinations being given.

Moving can be a stressful time; it breaks daily routines and habits and there’s things to think about and arrange you may not have done before. Hiring a reputable and experienced Moving Company like Quick Response Vans will at least mean you can be confident that your furniture and boxes will arrive intact and on time. We are happy to give advice at any stage if you need help – as an experienced Newcastle business we take moving homes our stride and are more than happy to give advice or practical help to smooth the process for you.

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