When it comes to packing your home, some stuff is pretty straight forward.  Grab some big boxes, pop some stuff in it, add some bubble wrap for delicate items.  But other things need a little more consideration to ensure they make the journey.  Here’s some tips for one of those things – your desktop computer.

Get the right packaging

A desktop computer can be heavy and bulky, contain a number of components and a large size.  This means the first step in successfully moving it involves getting the right packaging materials to protect it.

If you can keep it, the original box that the computer came in is the perfect thing to use for the move.  It was good enough to store and transport the device originally so it will be great for the move.  If you don’t have the original box, look for a new, double-walled box that will be large enough to put the components in – well wrapped for the journey.

Before you pack

Wrapping the computer is the other important thing when moving.  There are a few options to consider.  Bubble wrap is the best and look for anti-static varieties, so nothing interferes with the hard drive.  You can also use packing paper around the item before the bubble wrap as this stops dust.  You can even surround it in furniture blankets for an additional layer of protection.

Before you pack, there are a few things to do to get the desktop computer ready for moving day.

Backup the computer

You definitely want to complete a comprehensive backup of the computer before you move.  This means if something does happen, you haven’t lost all of the contents.  Ideally, use cloud storage options such as Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox to house the backup so that it is not physically present with the computer.

Organise the cables

Before you take anything apart, organise the cables.  Take photos of the rear of the computer so you remember what goes where.  Put some tags on the cables and make a note of what they are.

Then wrap up each cable and use a cable tie or cord to keep it together.  Put all of the cables in a bag and either pack with the computer or put a clear label on the bag what they are for and pack them in another box.

Packing before the move

You are now ready to pack up the computer ready for the move.  Start with the tower if there is one and cover it in wrapping paper then bubble wrap and finally a furniture blanket.  Put it in the box and use more wrapping to ensure it can’t move around.  Seal and label the box.

Next, pack the monitor.  If there’s a stand, remove it if you can and pack this then wrap the monitor in wrapping paper like a Christmas present.  Add some pieces of cardboard the size of the monitor on the front of the screen and wrap with bubble wrap then a blanket.  Put in a box and pack to ensure no movement.

Finally pack any extra items in the same way so that all items are well wrapped and labelled.  Your desktop computer is now ready for the move!

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