One of the biggest fears when moving home is that all your delicate glassware isn’t packed right, and when you unpack at your new home it is broken or smashed. Moving clothes, furniture, books and lots of other stuff isn’t such a concern because it isn’t breakable.

So what are the expert tips for packing your glassware when you are moving home?

Get the right packing supplies

To start with, the right packing supplies are key.  You can do a lot with good packaging but if you want to be as certain as possible that your glassware is protected, then the right supplies are key to this.

The best thing to pack glassware into is special boxes for the job.  These are cardboard boxes with denser walls – they can also be used to pack kitchen plates and are often known as dish boxes or even dish packs.  The thicker cardboard protects the glasses so if you can’t get these boxes, anything with really thick cardboard is a good second choice.

Bubble wrap is a great option to wrap your glassware as it offers extra protection.  It is a good thing to have around for a move as there are lots of things you can wrap with it to protect them including pictures, ornaments and other kitchen items.

Finish your supplies with some strong packing tape to close the boxes and a good marker to label the boxes so you know what is in them and where they go at the other end.

Packing your glassware

Before you start packing, it can be a good idea to do some sorting.  Think of it this way – you only want to pack things you want in your new home because every item costs.  There’s no point in packing things and moving them then getting rid of them.  So a good sort out before you start packing is a great idea and can even save you a little money if you apply it to the whole house.

Next, you are ready to start the actual packing process.  The basic process is the same for all types of glasses but there is a little extra work for stemmed glasses like wine glasses as these are the most vulnerable during the move.

Before you start, see if the box you are using needs reinforcing on the base.  This needs to be really strong and you can always tape another piece of thick cardboard to the bottom to reinforce it.  Next place some crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the box to act as a shock absorber.  You can use bubble wrap as well, but it is more expensive.

Place the glass in the middle of the packing paper or bubble wrap.  Tuck two corner from opposite ends into the middle of the glass then do the same with the other corners to the bottom of the glass.  Wrap it up and use tape to keep the paper in place.

Stemmed Glasses

If you are packing stemmed glasses, you might want to wrap some extra bubble wrap around the stem as these are the most likely to get damaged.  Then place the wrapped glasses on the boxes and pad around them to make sure they can’t move about.  Seal it up, label it as ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’ to help your removal men and you are ready to go.

As with all your personal belongings including fragile items like glassware, hiring a moving company in North Tyneside who take their time with your belongings is the best way to try and ensure your items after being well packed get to their destination in the best condition possible.