Moving home is exciting, a fresh start, a new beginning.  Packing the old house?  Not so much so.  It is a good idea to start packing as soon as you have a moving date or even before that if you have somewhere to store the boxes.  But it is easy to get demotivated and worn out with it all.  So how do you stay motivated when you are packing for a home move?

Make a packing list

One of the biggest reasons that people get demotivated when moving home is that it is a big job and they aren’t sure where to start – or where to go next.  That’s why a packing list is a great way to organise the job and keep yourself moving forward.  Also known as a packing timeline, this is a to-do list that walks you through from the start to the moving day and ensures you don’t forget anything or find you are baffled by what to do next.

Pack in the right order

There’s nothing to say you can’t pack any way you want but there is something of a right way to do it that can cut down time and keep you motivated.  The first thing to do is start packing as early as possible then start with the toughest rooms.  This might be the storage areas such as the garage, the loft or basement.

Then move on to spare rooms because you can store stuff there.  Next pack non-essentials from bedrooms, kitchen and living room and leave the things you need all the time until last.  These can be packed just before the move when you don’t need them anymore.

Use a mini-task process

If you step back and look at the whole move, it is overwhelming and can stop you in your tracks.  The key is to use the kind of system that project management experts use – mini-tasks or small to-do lists.

So rather than saying ‘pack the master bedroom’ you would create a series of smaller tasks that detail all aspects of the job.  You might pack out of season clothes, get a strong box for cosmetics, pack the books and so on.  Each task gets a tick, you get a sense of progress and the task seems much more manageable.

Declutter before you pack

As you go through each room, it is a good idea to do some decluttering and sorting before you pack the items.  That broken stereo in the corner of the spare room doesn’t need to travel to the new house, so it is time to see about recycling it before you pack the space.

It is a good idea to go through boxes, storage units and other areas where things gather over time to see what you can sell, recycle, donate or simply throw away rather than pack.  That way, you reduce the amount of stuff you need to move which can cut down on moving costs and make it easier to get sorted at the other end.