When you live in a flat and are moving, there’s the temptation to go down the DIY route when it comes to removals. After all, you don’t have that much stuff, why can’t you and a couple of friends toss it in the back of the car and just move it?

There are some really good reasons that you need a removals van even when you live in a flat and here are some of them.

Using removals van – the basics

Some reasons for using a removals van apply whether you live in a flat, a bungalow or a three-storey house. Top of the list of these is that removing stuff is their job and they are good at it. How often do you move furniture around? Not just pushing it across the room but lifting it with another person and carrying it down a flight of stairs? For most of us, the answer is very rarely but for removals people, the answer is on a daily basis.

Another reason is that if something goes wrong, a removal company will have insurance. Now, yes, you have home insurance and might cover you, but it will result in your premiums increasing for the next few years. And there will be an excess to pay. Professional insurance is different and covers you for any damage caused to your goods while being moved. No excess, no increased premiums, no claim for you to handle.

Professional movers will also have a system that makes the whole moving process much easier. They will load the van in a certain way so that it is easy to get all the stuff into the right rooms when you arrive at the new property. This saves a lot of time and makes the whole moving day process much less stressful.

Tips for using a removals company

Once you have decided that a removals company is the right option for your move, then there are some tips to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. The first step is the one you have taken – booking a removals company.

Next, the packing. Start in plenty of time, maybe as soon as you decide you are going to move. The more stuff you decide to get rid of before you book the removals company, the lower the quote is likely to be. No point moving something then throwing it out.

Pack as much stuff into boxes with lids or ways to close as possible. This makes stacking easier and quicker, ensuring the process is a smooth one. Label the boxes as you go as well so that removals men can easily deposit them into the right room at the other end of the move.

The best option

Using a removals company is the best option for flats and other property types. It also leaves you free to oversee the move, rather than being the one in the centre of it all. Moving is stressful enough without adding the whole DIY removals thing into it as well!