When you are moving to a new home, a lot of energy goes into preparing for the move, getting everything ready and organised.  But it is also important to prepare for after the move, the things you need to do to get your new home in order and feel happy in it.  Here are 10 essentials to do after the move.

  1. Leave some time for the post move

It is easy to think that once moving day is finished, you can head back to work and everything will just fall into place.  Bad idea.  It is important to have some time after the move to get things organised.  This will likely involve a new to-do list of the jobs that need to be handled first to get the family settled.

  1. Prioritise unpacking

Boxes everywhere can quickly get overwhelming, so it is important to prioritise your unpacking just like you did the packing.  In a way, it is a reverse process – you unpack the things you need the most, first. This is often the bathroom and bedroom then the kitchen.

  1. Get to know your new home

Every home has its little quirks, secret spots and also potential problems – this is the time to start getting to know all of these.  Where’s the water mains if there’s a leak?  Have you got the keys for all of the window locks?  Where’s the fuse box and how is the boiler running?

  1. Get to know your new area

A few trips out to learn your new area is a key part of the move.  Where’s the nearest supermarket?  Is there a shop for those late night forgotten essentials?  What’s the shopping like in the surrounding area?

  1. Make sure you change your address

You might have done this before the move or done it for the important stuff.  Now’s the time to look at all the other places where you need to update your address, so you still get your mail and don’t miss anything.

  1. Double check all the legal stuff

Now’s a good time to make sure everyone has processed the change of address – particular important ones like your banks, credit cards and the DVLA for driving licenses.  Don’t forget to update the details for your car ownership too.

  1. Start looking at kid’s facilities

Schooling will be sorted before the move, but it is also important to find out what’s happening for the kids in the new local area.  This will help them feel at home and give them something to focus on after the big change.

  1. Swap your doctor’s surgery

If you have moved a decent distance, you will likely need to register with a new GP so do this as quickly as possible.  Also, scout where the nearest chemist is if you need regular medication or just for their advice.

  1. Help your pets adapt to the move

Some animals handle change better than others but whatever the case, make sure you leave some time to spend with them and help them settle into their new surroundings.  Make sure it is obvious where food, water and litter trays are located.

  1. Get to know the neighbours

The best way to get to know the area is from the people who live there so getting to know the neighbours is a good idea on a number of fronts.  Don’t be afraid to knock on the door and introduce yourself!